Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Week of Fashion meets the Year of the Snake

Last night, on the eve of the Year of the Snake (and in the midst of Fashion Week), legendary Roman jeweler, Bulgari, hosted the opening of a special exhibition at its Fifth Avenue boutique. Dedicated mainly to the iconic Serpenti line, the exhibition features jewelry dating from the 1940s and includes pieces from legends of fashion and Hollywood.

We were very pleased to be part of the festivities on behalf of Shiraz Events in NYC.  Our team of artists worked tirelessly to design and fabricate a twelve foot long serpent in the style of traditional Chinese parade dragons.  Not our first dragon, but the project was unlike anything we had created before--which is just how we like it!   The nested conical design was based on the construction of the Serpenti line of jewelry--an especially complex undertaking, but well worth the effort as the end result was absolutely stunning and something the whole shop is proud of.

Puppeteers Michael Bush and Keri Lewis entertained throngs of celebrities and fashion icons like Julianne Moore and Nina Garcia until the wee hours of the morning.

My thanks to everyone who put in such long hours all throughout the too short deadline:   Lauren Attinello, Rhys Chapman, Mari Tobita, Brendan Yi-Fu Tay, Carole D'Agostino, Ceili Clemens, Liz Hara, Fen Wang, Maria Scheibe, Melissa Creighton, Richard Dyar, Steph Cathro and Vanessa Chan

You guys really made it happen!

Rhys Chapman carves the buck for vacuum forming.

Steph Cathro epoxies some of the many jewels adorning the  serpent's body.
Steph preps a golden decal.

Melissa Creighton, Carole Simms D'Agostino and Brenden Yi-Fu Tay join the effort.

And some photos from the event...

That's Michael Bush puppeteering down there.

Keri Lewis and Michael Bush kept it serpentine all night long.

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