Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ray Harryhausen died today at 92

I’m not really an animator or a special effects guy, but Mr. Harryhausen leaves behind a legacy that, for me, really serves as a kind of model or creative ideal to strive for.  I guess I admire that pioneering spirit of the auteur that he embodied so well, along with early filmmakers like Georges Méliès or Ladislas Starevich----creating the concept art, fabricating the puppets and shooting and animating the scenes himself.  A far cry from the scores of artists it takes animate your average cgi character today.

Certainly, from a technical point of view, his work was the cutting edge of visual effects at the time.  But more than a technician, he brought such vivid life and artistry to all of his characters and was a true visionary from script to screen, creating beautiful and amazing moments in time no one had ever seen before.

So, to the artist that was Ray Harryhausen, thank you for a lifetime of inspiration.

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